About BJSW

The company BJSW CZ s.r.o. based in Kroměříž and Brno develops custom software. Our products and solutions help large and small companies from a variety of industries. Our team has many years of experience.

For a long time, we have been involved in the development of software for the control of security systems, software tools for measuring noise and vibrations, and applications for military simulations. We also create our own software solutions for testing equipment for space projects (EGSE) or for controlling and monitoring processes in the woodworking industry (Electronic Measuring and Handling Systems of Wood Mass).

In our sister company BMJ SW s.r.o. we participate in the development of applications for sound and vibration measurement, which are used, for example, in the aviation, automotive and communication industries.

When creating software, we use the best of modern technologies and development tools, supported by our programmers, whose expertise is at the highest level. We emphasize the openness and sustainability of the solution, we go towards integration and cooperation with other software tools when automating processes and sharing data. We think ahead.

We develop software, consult solution proposals and help with the development of large projects.

BJSW in 2023

We delivered software to EGSE for the visual inspection of a new kind of solar panels and worked on software for EGSE to conduct electrical tests of these panels.

We participated in the creation of a completely new comprehensive security system.

We handed over the service connecting the company's ERP system with the cash register system to a company in the field of stationery wholesale and publishing. And we completed an invoicing portal for subcontractors for a construction company.

We delivered several electronic measurement installations to the timber industry.

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Projects Time

Projects Time

Timber Industry: over 300 days
Security Systems: over 520 days
Military Simulations: over 180 days
Space Industry: over 350 days
Business IS: over 60 days



C#, C++, C,
.NET Framework, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core,
Xamarin, WinForm, WPF,
JavaScript, TypeScript,
Vue.js, Vuetify, PrimeVUE,
Java, Spring, Stripes,
Delphi, Visual Basic,
MUMPS (GT.M, language M),
MySQL, MS SQL, SQLite, MongoDB,
Entity Framework, Hibernate,
Windows, Linux, Unix, Docker,
Jira, Microsoft Azure,
LabView, Altus Vario SDK


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